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Qi Gong 101 - Lesson 2 - Energy Gathering Qi Gong
Now Playing:  Qi Gong 101 - Lesson 2 - Energy Gathering Qi Gong
This Qi Gong is specifically designed so that you can very quickly begin to experience your own Chi.
Running Time:   11:19
Qi Gong 101 - Lesson 2 - Energy Gathering Qi Gong
The Energy Gathering Qigong we perform is a wonderful type of Qigong. I love teaching this Qigong set to beginners as it is specifically designed so that you can very quickly begin to feel your own Chi. Even if you’ve never done Qigong before in your life you will be able to feel your Chi almost immediately.

Keep in mind that Chi is not some magical force. It’s simply our own internal energy. In some respects our body is analogous to a machine. It needs power or energy to operate. The electricity running through our body powering our muscles and nerves is that power. This electricity is our Chi.

To get in touch with this energy a few things need to happen.

First, you must calm your mind. Typically we do this through our Golden Light Meditation. I would highly recommend doing that meditation before performing the Energy Gathering Qigong. This helps to ensure our mind is calm. Once our mind is calm all of our senses are heightened. With our senses heightened, we can begin to connect with our body and to experience its many wonderful facets.

Second, you need to let go of tension and stress and let your body become soft. Try this example. Place your left palm up and stretch out your fingers so that your skin on your palm is stretched tight. In this position your palm will feel ‘hard’. Now take a finger from your right hand and lightly scratch your left palm. You should be able to feel where you are scratching but you’ll feel it very slightly. You’ll only feel exactly where the fingernail is making contact with your skin.

Now release your left fingers and let your palm become very soft. Let go of any tension you have in that hand and wrist. Now again scratch you left palm with the exact same amount of pressure. Notice how you feel much more than you did before. You feel much more than just the small area where the fingernail is touching the palm. Your entire palm may be full of feeling and sensitivity.

When performing the Energy Gathering Qigong try to make your palms as soft as possible. Once your palms are soft proceed to soften your arms and shoulders. Our shoulders is one of the first places we hold tension. Let go of this tension. Release it.The first few times through that may be a bit difficult. But keep trying. You’ll get there.

When our mind is calm and our body is soft our senses are heightened. We become more aware of everything around us.

I encourage you to watch the video and try it out. It’s not very difficult and is perfect for beginners. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you are able to experience your own chi. Some people don’t feel it the very first time as they get too caught up in the details of the movements. Just try to relax and enjoy the moment. It will come.
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Thanks again for visiting our website. I hope you enjoy and find benefit from the content we have assembled.

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Chao is the Chinese word for 'Transcend'

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